Happy Spring!  Well, while we enjoyed a very balmy Autumn and Winter, it looks like Spring has decided to come in like a lion, with cold temperatures and plenty of rain.  Thank goodness!!  We really need the moisture!  Many of you, like Greg & I, probably have friends and/or relatives living in the northeast who are really tired of the COLD, COLD winter.  I wonder if the Western states’ population will grow a bit this year…

Good news on the health front:  Next week will be my last round of chemotherapy for the course of treatment that I am on.  My next big decision is whether or not I will need a bone marrow transplant, but I’m going to gather lots of information and take some much needed time off from medications before I make that decision.

Passport weekends are coming right up!  This is a great time for the locals to drop in for lunch, as the wineries are full of visitors, and we are generally quieter for lunch during the Passport weekends.  Dinners do get quite busy, so please make reservations.  Dates for Passport are April 5-6 and April 12-13.  Please party responsibly.

Chef Greg has decided to feature his fabulous Fish & Chips on Thursday nights as our special.  They were very popular, and when he took them off of the Friday lunch menu, many people have since asked when they are coming back!

Listed under “Events” you will find a recommendation for you to watch next Saturday’s “Cut Throat Kitchen” (April 5th).  One of the contestants Kaitlyn Krill (formerly Kaitlyn Adams), was one of my culinary students, and worked here at the Grill our first two years before she went off to culinary school.  We are very excited to see her television debut on the Food Network.  Check your guide for the time.

We will be back periodically to bring you up to date news.  If  you have anything exciting to share, just post it on the blog!  We welcome your comments.



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