Here is my update today: Arrived home last Monday after an unexpected week in UCD. Discovered an allergy to an antibiotic, which made me quite ill. Go in for tests twice a week to check blood counts. Had 8 transfusions last week! Friday, had a bone marrow biopsy in office (never fun). Results will show if there is any lingering leukemia. Last one was clear, so say your prayers for this one. Checking in on Wed. for round 3 of chemo. Will be in for 3-5 days. Two more rounds to go (one in Feb. and one in March), then hopefully I can do outpatient treatments. This is a long, grueling process. I have been home 17 days of the last 68 days. That’s a lot of time in one hospital room. Thank God for visitors and phone calls. Sometimes it almost feels like that’s home, and I visit here! Seasons have changed, holidays have come and gone. I am getting good care, and so love you all for your prayers, good wishes and friendships. Let’s hope we’re on the downhill slope now. Have a sunshiny day!

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