Wow!  January is gone…Superbowl has been won and lost, and Valentine’s Day will be upon us before we know it!

As far as football goes, I’m not a die-hard fan, but always enjoy playoff season.  I have to say, watching the playoff game between Green Bay and the Seahawks, I stopped doing my household chores, as I was distracted by the number of penalties that Seattle was getting nailed for.  At one point, I think I gave up housework altogether, thinking “are they just going to incur so many penalties that they give the game away!”  Meanwhile, Green Bay just kept scoring field goals and touchdowns until it appeared to be all but over.  Finally, early in the 4th quarter, I pulled myself away from the TV (by this time, I had moved from home to the Gold Vine), and got finished with my errands.  Well, I guess we all know by now how that ended!  And it seemed almost like a deja vu experience on game day. You have to hand it to the Seahawks.  That must be a bit of why we watch  football…to see amazing plays during the final moments of a game that seems all but over. Call to make your reserations now.

And now we have the Grammys coming up on Feb. 8th. Gold Vine will be showing the Grammy Awards starting w/ the Red Carpet action on Sunday. Come in and watch and join in some fun activities with some great specials on fabulous local wines!

Now to more serious matters.  I was all prepared to write a big promo on Valentine’s Day, and the fact that each year we have a Winemaker Dinner w/ Busby Cellars, featuring the menu and a great mention of how much fun it is each and every year!  Well, lo and behold, we have sold out seating for Valentine’s Day’s Winemaker Dinner.  We have been sold out for almost 3 weeks!  We sold out before we ever even made the menu!  I wish we had a bigger restaurant!  To those of you who have called to make reservations, only to find out that we are full, I am so sorry to turn anyone away.  Please remember that we are open for lunch on the 14th, and also have our lovely regular dinner menu on Friday, the 13th and Sunday the 15th.  So, maybe beat the crowds and celebrate your love on one of those days.  Had I known that this would be such a popular dinner, I would surely have scheduled two seatings.

Our featured wine is Mellowood Syrah.  Mellowood Vineyards is owned by Linda Neal, a very sharp and lovely lady.  Her vineyard and tasting room are located on Omo Ranch Road just past Latcham Vineyards if you are coming from Mount Aukum Road.  She is open Saturday and Sunday for tasting.  I have tasted several of her wines, and enjoyed them all, especially her Syrah (but then I am a Syrah girl).  If you haven’t had a chance to visit her tasting room, it would be a worthwhile stop and/or you can always try her Syrah her at the Grill with one of Chef Greg’s delicious meals.

For all of you who have inquired about our server, Renee, she is in week 4 of her rehabilitation from hip surgery.   She seems to be doing very well, and we hope to see her back here in a few more weeks.  We welcome Nadia back from her move to San Francisco, and always appreciate Karen and Cheryl, our dinner servers, and Matt, out new lunch server.

We hope to see all of you very soon at the Gold Vine Grill.  Remember:  Wednesday nights are burger night at the Grill; Thursdays are Fresh Cod Fish & Chips; Friday and Saturday Night we have Steak & Lobster, and Sunday nights are Corage Free!  See you soon!


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