This is from local online news from El Dorado County – Mary & husband Greg own Gold Vine Grill, the wonderful restaurant many of you have visited in Somerset. Please pray for her full recovery and donate if you can, writes DK Cellars.

A crowd funding website set up by Sondra Champion to aid a women with Leukemia has raised over $5,000 in the first 20 hours.

From the website:

Hello Everyone!
As many already know, Mary is in the hospital being treated for Leukemia. They are being aggressive with her treatment and are giving transfusions and chemotherapy. They are keeping her in the hospital for at least a month. She is hoping to be home for Thanksgiving.Greg is keeping the Goldvine open for dinner, but lunches are put on hold. He is exhausted, but in hopeful spirits.Their insurance is not the best and is not willing to cover all that is needed for Mary’s recovery.


We as friends and family would like to help take some of the financial burden off of this wonderful, loving, hard-working couple. They have selflessly given to the community and now it is our turn to show our appreciation for their generosity.


I plead to all, whether you love them dearly or have simply enjoyed a delicious meal at Goldvine and experienced Mary’s hospitality, please give from your heart and give what you can. Anything and all is appreciated. Also, please frequent the Goldvine and pass the word to stop in for a meal and glass of wine- it all helps. Please forward this link to anyone who knows Mary and Greg and would like to help. If we all share the link with our email lists, client lists, facebook, and those people did the same…Imagine!!!

Thank you wonderful people!!!”

Donations can be made at:  Online story from El Dorado County click here:


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