Friday, May 5th:  Cinco de Mayo!!!

Bring your family & friends to the Gold Vine Grill this Friday, May 5th for some “South of the Border” specialties from Chef Greg.  He will be offering Jalapeno Poppers and Snapper Acapulco!

Sunday, May 14th:  On Mother’s Day, Gold Vine Grill is offering a delicious Brunch menu as well as our regular great lunch menu.  Brunch/lunch will be served from 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM.  Brunch items will include:

Eggs Benedict or Eggs Florentine

Chicken & Mushroom Crepes

Grilled Salmon Filet w/ Fresh Mango Chutney

Filet Mignon Steak & Eggs

Seafood Vol au Vent

*And don’t forget…Mimosas!

Please make reservations in advance.

We will also be serving dinner that evening, and recommend reservations for that meal as well.



Gold Vine Grill

Easter Brunch Menu

All Brunch Specials are Served w/ Country Roasted Potatoes ,

Fresh Fruit and Baked Breads & Muffins

 Classic Eggs Benedict:  Two Poached Eggs atop English

Muffin & CanadianBacon, served w/ House Made Hollandaise                      $14.50

 Eggs Florentine:  Two Poached Eggs atop English Muffin w/ 

Fresh Spinach & House Made Hollandaise                                                         $13.50

 Flame-Broiled 6 0z. Filet Mignon topped w/ Mushroom

Cabernet Demi & Eggs any Style                                                             $18.95

 Seafood Vol au Vent: Fresh Salmon, Shrip & Scallops w/a Silky 

Seafood Veloutè  in a  Puff  Pastry Cup                                                  $16.95

 Chicken & Mushroom Crepes:   House Made Crepes filled w/ Chicken and Mushrooms in a White Wine Fresh Herb  Cream        $14.95                     

Grilled Salmon Filet topped w/ a Fresh Mango Chutney            $15.95

 Enjoy a Mimosa w/ your  meal                                                                  $6.50



Oh what an absolute pleasure to experience the warmth of Spring…the longer days…the wildflowers popping up to bring us a smile…it’s all GREAT!  Maybe you can’t tell from my blogs, but I’m not a huge fan of cold, wet weather, short daylight days and the need for heavy clothing at almost all times.  I’m a Spring and Summer girl, and my heart just jumps for joy when Spring gets here.  I think most of us were ready for the winter to be over this year.  Spring always reminds me of a time of rejuvenation, of joy and hope.  It’s a wonderful time to look forward to what we will plant in our vegetable gardens, what improvements we will do to our homes, and maybe even what kind of summer get-a-way we might plan with friends and/or family.  And with the longer days, of course, it’s the perfect time to make a little jaunt up to Somerset and visit us at the Gold Vine Grill!

We will be celebrating Easter Sunday this year on April 16th by adding a lovely brunch menu on to our regular luncheon menu.  Greg really makes great Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, Chicken & Mushroom Crepes, Seafood Vol au Vent, Grilled Salmon Filet and more!  We will serve house made breakfast potatoes and fresh fruit w/ brunch, and of course mimosas will be available!  We will also be serving from our regular lunch menu, so whether you want to have a quick lunch on your way to wine tasting, or you want to linger over a relaxing brunch, we will be able to serve you!  Brunch will be served from 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM

We can’t forget that this is the time of year when many of the wineries of El Dorado County open their doors with great wines, live music and fun foods for Passport Weekends.  This year the weekends are at the end of April, so let’s all hope for good weather for BOTH weekends!  The events will be held on April 22nd & 23rd, and then again on April 29th & 30th.  For ticket purchase and more information, check out the website at www.passporteldorado.com

Wine Watch:      

Perhaps you have noticed that there’s action going on in the Fair Play area…specifically in the area of the Winery by the Creek and the Pub at Fair Play.  Well, there’s a new guy in town, who, is actually not so new!  Have you met Robert Jones yet?  Have you tasted his wines?  Some of you “old timers” might remember a tasting room called “Firefall”, which was located right around the corner from Gold Vine Grill, where currently the “Red Poet” tasting room is located.  Robert left the area but retained his local vineyards.  Robert’s grapes come from many premier wine growing regions in California.  Robert returned to the area a while ago, with the intention of re-settling here, getting a tasting room opened and being a local!  Just about then, area celebrity wine maker Charles Mitchell was selling his property in Fair Play, including the property that the Winery by the Creek was located on, as well as the Pub at Fair Play property.  Robert scooped up both, and should be opening his tasting room doors any day!  The restaurant is still being run by the current owners, but Robert and his team are bringing something new (er) to our beautiful Somerset/Fair Play area.   Robert’s E-16 Pinot Noir is currently proudly being served at the Gold Vine Grill.  Make sure you get in to try it soon!

Chef Greg’s Recipe Corner:

Macaroni & Cheese w/ Jalapeño & Applewood Smoked Bacon

Yield:  1 Serving

Ingredient                                                                       Amount

Dried Macaroni Elbows                                            1.5 – 2 Cups

White Wine Sauce                                                        8 oz.

Chicken Stock                                                                1 oz.

Heavy Cream                                                                  1 oz.

Cheddar Cheese                                                            4-5 oz. grated

Jalapeno (roasted, chopped)                                   1 Tbsp                 

Applewood Smoked Bacon (chopped)                 1 Slice

Salt & Pepper                                                                    to taste


Pre-cook macaroni elbows as directed on package

Heat white wine sauce, chicken stock & cream until barely boiling.  Reduce heat slightly to thicken a bit.  Add bacon & cheese and stir while cheese melts.  Reduce to med-low.  Add cooked macaroni, then jalapeño & bacon.  Finish w/ toasted bread crumbs or toasted panko if desired.


Wednesday Nights:  Burger Night

Thursday Nights:  Fish & Chips

Friday & Saturday Nights:  Steak & Lobster

Sundays all Day & Night:  Corkage Free!

Call us for take out food day or night.

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Is it Spring Yet?

Wow!  What a winter we have had!  We have lived here since 1999, and I cannot remember a colder, wetter winter than we have had this year.  I’m the type of person who just barely tolerates winter, with great hopes of getting on with the rest of the seasons as soon as possible, so this year has been brutal for me.  And unfortunately, the freezing temps and tons of rain have hurt our business.  Thanks to all of you who faithfully came out to eat at the Gold Vine Grill this winter.  For those of you who just couldn’t go out, come on over as soon as things dry and thaw out.

One result of the tremendous rainfall we have had this winter has been a lot of damage to our local roads.  In particular, we have lost access to Mount Aukum Road as it heads toward Pleasant Valley.  That road has suffered significant damages, and estimates are that it will not re-open until some time in May.  So, if you are travelling from the Sacramento area, you can come into the Fair Play area via Buck’s Bar or via E-16 from the Plymouth area.  If you are coming over Hwy 50 from Tahoe, and you use the Pollack Pines exit to get to this area, keep travelling on Pleasant Valley Road until you get to the Buck’s Bar stop sign, and then turn left, and go about 6 or 7 miles to the 4-way stop.  If you live in Pleasant Valley, Pollack Pines or Camino, you can turn left onto Mount Aukum Road and take a left onto the Happy Valley Cut-off road.  This is the quickest way to get here from those areas…however the road is narrow, windy and steep, and not everyone knows how to drive slowly.  Otherwise, you’ll need to also take Pleasant Valley Road toward Placerville and turn left onto Buck’s Bar.  It’s a minor inconvenience, but as the weather gets better and the days get longer, just think of it as a scenic drive!

For those of us in the Fair Play and Grizzly Flat areas, we have been cut off from the convenience of going to Holiday Market and all of the businesses in the Pleasant Valley Center.  Those businesses are hurting too, so if you don’t want to use the Happy Valley Cut-off road, think about taking the long way around once in a while and do some shopping there.  We are all going to be inconvenienced by this, but as the old saying goes “it is what it is”.

Now, on to good news….Our Valentine’s Day Winemaker Dinner was a really great time again this year!  Many thanks to Sherrie & Elliott Graham from Busby Cellars, who join us in making this dinner possible every year.  They opened their tasting room the same year that we opened the Gold Vine Grill, and it has been a great tradition to pair Chef Greg’s food with their wines for a lovely Valentine’s evening each year.  Here are a few pics:

Lots of guests make their reservations for the following year on their way out the door, so don’t miss out on Valentine’s Day, 2018!

In the wine news, we are happy to tell you that we have added a couple of new local wines to our wine list.  We now feature MV Syrah.  Any of you who have had this wine know that the MV wines are really great, and the Syrah is always my personal favorite! MV is run by John & Cindy Miller.  Their tasting room is on Fair Play Road, just across the street from Toogood.  We also are happy to welcome the Petite Syrah from Sentivo Vineyards.  Sentivo is relatively new to the tasting room scene in Fair Play.  They are located on Fair Play Road,  just across from the Pallissandro Tasting Room.  Their wines, tasting room and grounds are really impressive.  If you haven’t stopped by these tasting rooms, make it a “must do” for your next wine tasting adventure.

Many of you have been asking me for recipes, so I decided to bring back Chef Greg’s Recipe Corner.  So here goes!

    Ginger Shrimp Ravioli    Yield:  25 Raviolis

Ingredients:                                                               Amount:

Shrimp, peeled, deveined and coarse chopped          1 Pound

Egg White                                                                   1

Yellow Curry Past (Mac Ploy Brand)                                    1 tsp

Cilantro, fine chopped                                                            1 tsp

Red Bell Pepper, minced                                            1 tsp

Round Wrap/ Wonton Skins                                      1 pkg.

Egg (for wash)            beat w/ spash of water to thin           1

Cornstarch (to sprinkle over to prevent sticking)     ¼ cup +/-


Place shrimp, egg white and curry paste in food processor.  Pulse briefly to combine ingredients into a coarse paste.  *Do NOT overmix.  Remove paste to a bowl and fold in cilantro and red bell pepper.


Line sheet pan w/ parchment and sprinkle w/ cornstarch. Lay down  half of your wonton skins on a large cutting board. .  Lightly brush the entire edges of the wontons w/ egg wash.  Place approx. ½ to 1 Tablespoon of shrimp filling in center of each wonton.  Place another wonton skin on top and press the two sheets together firmly working to seal and press out any air pockets.

Place formed ravioli on the prepared sheet pan.  Do not allow ravioli to touch or overlap or they may stick together.  Finished ravioli may be frozen immediately, or they must be cooked right away.  To freeze, place entire sheet pan in freezer until they are completely frozen, then transfer to zip lock baggies for storage.  Frozen ravioli will keep for up to 30 days.


I am still working on the March “12 @ 6” Wine Paired Dinner.  I hope to have that information for you in the next couple of days, so keep an eye out on the website or in your email.


Wednesday Nights:  Burger Night

Thursday Nights:  Fish & Chips (except this Thursday, when we’ll have Fish Tacos!)

Friday & Saturday Nights:  Steak & Lobster

Sundays all Day & Night:  Corkage Free!

Call us for take out food day or night.

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OK then….Are we all ready for some warmth & sunshine!  We have lived here since 1999, and I honestly do not believe that we have seen such a wet & cold winter as we have had this year!  We typically are blessed with a “false Spring” in February, and boy, I am really looking forward to some of that!

Now of course, we can’t think of February without the thought of Valentine’s Day.  According to my research authority (Google),  “The holiday’s roots are in the ancient Roman Festival of Lupercalia, a fertility celebration commemorated annually on Feb. 15th.  Pope Gelasius I recast this pagan festival as a Christian feast day circa 496, declaring February 14 to be “St. Valentine’s Day”.

Well, here at the Gold Vine Grill, we have a tradition too!  Every year on Valentine’s Day, we get together with Busby Cellars to have a Winemaker Dinner.  This is a 4-Course Wine Paired Meal. It is the only menu we have that evening…and yes, even though February 14th falls on a Tuesday this year…we will be opening our doors for our traditional Winemaker Dinner.  Now this dinner is nearly sold out, so if you can’t quite get into that dinner, you have the whole weekend prior to enjoy a lovely dinner at the Gold Vine Grill with your Special Someone!  Please call soon for reservations.  Whatever you decide to do, take a little bit of time to share with your partner and celebrate the joy of love!

Monday, February 20th, will be the commemoration of President’s Day.   That makes a 3-day weekend for a whole lot of people.  I have a great idea!  Get out of the house for a few hours, go for a drive and enjoy the scenery, get a little wine tasting in at one of our fine wineries, and come on out to Gold Vine Grill for a Great Meal!

Due to the Valentine’s Day Winemaker Dinner, we will not be having a “12 @ 6” Dinner in February.  We will resume these popular feasts again in March.


Wednesday Nights:  Burger Night

Thursday Nights:  Fish & Chips (except this Thursday, when we’ll have Fish Tacos!)

Friday & Saturday Nights:  Steak & Lobster

Sundays all Day & Night:  Corkage Free!

Call us for take out food day or night.

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It’s almost hard to believe that it is 2017!  I don’t know about you, but 2016 really seemed to fly by so fast that it’s hard to believe that it’s over!

I’m no longer the type of person to make a bunch of New Year’s Resolutions.  It’s not that there is anything wrong with resolutions, but this year, I’m going to try something different.  A new year is a chance to reflect on events of the past year, realize some of the lessons that presented themselves to us, appreciate all of the good things that came our way, and find some time to renew our spirit.  And maybe think about rekindling an old friendship that has been “on the shelf” for too long.

2016 was a very good year at the Gold Vine Grill.  We enjoyed a steady upsurge in business, which has been a huge relief after the very long recession and the slow climb back to good business.  We want to thank all of you who have been our loyal customers for all the years you have been coming to our little restaurant, and letting us make your day or evening special. It’s always a bit sad when some of our long-time customers move away, and we just don’t get to see them anymore, but we wish them well, and hope they come to visit when in the area. We also appreciate that we have been getting steady new business, and look forward to serving our new customers for many years to come.

We have always considered ourselves very fortunate to have the great staff that we have, and really appreciate that their commitment to good service and great food help to make our restaurant special.

The local wineries have always been a great source of business & referrals, and without them, we would not enjoy nearly the steady business that we have.  We wish them all prosperity in the New Year, and thanks for all of the support.

New Year’s Eve was a great event, once again at the Gold Vine.  I think I rolled into the house at about 1:30 AM.  Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time, and Chef Greg & his staff did a wonderful job on creating a great menu for the event.

You may have noticed that we suspended our “12 @ 6” dinners in November & December…which we always do because of all of the Holiday events going on.  This month, on Wednesday, January 18th, we are bringing those dinners back.  At 6 PM on that Wednesday, Chef Greg will be pairing his culinary skills with the notable wines from Sentivo. Owners, Paul & Daniella will be there to tell you about their lovely wines and their beautiful venue.  This is a 4-Course Wine Paired Dinner.  The cost is $50.00 per person, which includes all food, wine, tax & gratuity.   Seating is limited to 12 people, so reservations are required.  Call soon to reserve your seats!


Wednesday Nights:  Burger Night

Thursday Nights:  Fish & Chips (except this Thursday, when we’ll have Fish Tacos!)

Friday & Saturday Nights:  Steak & Lobster

Sundays all Day & Night:  Corkage Free!

Call us for take out food day or night.

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Contact us regarding your catering needs for your special events!

December is here, and so is the season for hustle & bustle, fun and frolic, time with family and friends…and hopefully a season of peace and joy.

Gold Vine Grill will be happy to have you schedule a small party with co-workers, or a special family gathering.  Call Mary to make arrangements, and let us help you create a special holiday occasion.

On Sunday, December 4th, Gold Vine will be hosting our “14th Annual Downtown Somerset Holiday Open House”.   From 2:30 to 4:30 PM we will offer complimentary hors d ‘oeuvres, wine, music and fun!  Stop by to have a bit of Holiday Cheer with us and your neighbors.  Due to the Open House, we will be closing lunch at 1:30 on Sunday, and Dinner will begin at 5:30.

On Saturday, December 31st, Gold Vine will once again be preparing our New Year’s Eve Gala 5-Course Wine Paired Dinner.  This dinner will be 2 seatings of a Price Fixed meal, with each course paired with a lovely local wine.  The first seating will be at 5 PM, with the cost being $75.00 per person.  the second seating will begin at 8:30, and will also include a Sparkling Wine toast at the end of dinner.  Cost of the second seating is $85.00 per person.  All prices include all food, wine, tax and gratuity.

The menu for New Years Eve is:

1st Course: Lobster Bisque served w/ Mastroserio Vino Blanco

2nd Course:  Organic Winter Salad w/ Roasted Beets & Artichokes toopped w/ Gorgonzola Bombolini served w/ Lavendar Ridge Grenache Rose

3rd Course:  Duck Wontons in a Plum Sweet & Sour Sauce served w/ Borjon Barbera

4th Course:  Braised Short Ribs w/ sweet Potato Polenta served w/ Cedarville Cabernet Sauvignon

5th Course:  House Made Cannoli w/ Chocolate Chip Mascarpone served w/ Dona Antonia Reserva Port

Gold Vine Grill will be closed on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.  We will also be closed on New Year’s Day.

Have a safe and wonderful Holiday Season

This month marks the Gold Vine Grill’s 14th year in Business!  Greg & I moved to the area in 1999, and bought our home in Somerset in 2001.  At the time, I was teaching Culinary Arts for the Central Sierra Regional Occupation Program, and Greg was a Chef for the Intel offices in Folsom.  We had been catering for local wineries, with our business called “Gold Vine Gourmet”. In August of 2001, we became aware that our current location was being vacated by “Trio”, a Specialty Deli, who was closing their doors.  We called the property owner, leased the spot, started putting a restaurant and menu together, and opened for business just 3 months later, on Thanksgiving weekend of 2003.  We are proud to have been such an integral part of this great community, and are very grateful for your support over all of these years….through some great times and some very tough times too.

This is the time of year when I sadly say goodbye to the long days of summer, but I always look forward to the holiday festivities and the really great flavors of the fall.  One of my favorites is Butternut Squash Soup…or how about Pumpkin Creme Brulee?  If I can’t find one of these delicious recipes in Chef Greg’s collections, I often log onto “Epicurious.com”.  They have some really cool recipes, with reviews & ratings from those that have tried them.

For your information, Gold Vine Grill will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, but will open  for lunch on Friday for lunch & dinner.  Have a wonderful Holiday with your family & friends.

On Sunday, December 4th, we will be celebrating the Holidays with our 15th Annual Downtown Somerset Holiday Open House.  This will be held from 2-4:30 PM.  We will put out a spread of appetizers and desserts, and will host 3 wineries pouring complimentary wines.  There will be lots of good cheer, and some Holiday singing as well.  This is always a great time, so put this date on your calendar!

Gold Vine Grill is available for your Holiday Parties.  You can book a party at the Grill, or we can cater an event for you.  Give us a call, and let us help you plan something special.   If you work in an office, consider bringing the group out for a luncheon party to the Gold Vine Grill to celebrate your Holiday.

It is not too early to make your reservations for our New Year’s Eve Gala Wine Paired Meal.  We will have 2 seatings…one at 5 PM and another at 8:30.  This will be a 5-Course wine paired dinner.  We already have several reservations, so call Mary soon for more information.

Gold Vine Grill “12 @ 6”  Wine Paired Dinner will be on Wednesday, October 19th at 6 PM, with Chaim & Elisheva from c.g. di Arie Vineyards.  This is a 4-Course Wine Paired meal.  The cost is  just $50.00 per person, which includes all food, wine, tax and gratuity.  Be sure to make your resevations soon, as this event is sure to be a sell out!

Next month, in November, we will feature Ruggero from Mastroserio Vineyards.

Yesterday, as I began to write this blog, it was steadily raining outside.  I guess Fall has arrived!  I had been at a really fun Annual Release Party at MV, where John & Cindy Miller were releasing their newest wine “The Beast”!  The beast is a blend of Malbec, Cab Franc and Cab Sauvignon, and it a very BIG wine with a very BIG flavor!

A couple of weeks prior, I stopped by the Grand Opening of Sentivo Vineyards.  Sentive is located on Fair Play Road, just across from Pallissandro.  I have to tell you that I was really impressed with the entire event.  The tasting room as well as the grounds are absolutely beautiful, designed to make the guest feel pampered and relaxed.  The next time  you are out on a wine tasting venture, take the time to check out Sentivo.

You may have noticed that there’s some action going on at the site of the former “Bechard” tasting room.  It’s true, there are new kids on the block.  Charlie & Renee will be opening their tasting room soon in that location.  They most recently moved here from South Lake Tahoe, and prior to that lived in Paso Robles, where they  still own vineyards.

With Autumn in the air, this is one of the best times of year to get out & enjoy the mild weather, the changing colors, and the wineries of Fair Play.  And of course, your day will only be complete with a meal at the Gold Vine Grill!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 29th, when Saluti Cellars will be hosting a fundraising event for local Firefighters.  “Fire & Wine” will be held from 5-7 PM, with hors d ‘oeuvres being catered by Gold Vine Grill.  Saluti has a couple of fabulous venues for just this kind of event.  Tickets are $30.00 per person.  Please call Mary @ Gold Vine Grill for more details!

Greg & I are quickly headed toward celebrating our 14th year in business here in Somerset/Fair Play.  It’s been quite an adventure, with many friends made over the years, and lots of great meals served and good times.  Keep posted for our annual Holiday Open House information, where we will be celebrating our 14th birthday!

One of the fun & exciting things coming up is aCaribbean Cruise being hosted by our good friend, Shari Fitzpatrick.  She, along with MV (Miller Vineyards) and Nello Olivo Winery are putting together a Wine & Chocolate Cruise!  This cruise will leave Miami for a 7-Day Cruise on March 18th 2017.  We are trying to get in on the fun, and book some cabins with Gold Vine. There are also more details on our Events Link.wine and chocolate cruise


Have a wonderful and safe October, and maybe get out on Hwy 88 to see the quaking Aspens…they are not visible for very long, so the sooner the better.

See you soon!


As the days get a bit shorter, we’re reminded that summer is winding down.  Enjoy this last 7 weeks of Summer fun, get out & enjoy the outdoors, harvest your veggies from your gardens and sit outside w/ a nice glass of wine in the evenings to enjoy the warmth of the day as it melts into twilight.

It’s been a great summer at the Gold Vine Grill, so far.  We’ve enjoyed really good business from many of our local favorites along with quite a few newcomers who have recently relocated to our area.  Things are always changing around here and that just keeps us interested in and paying attention to what’s going on in our  little hamlet.

cruise ship-2

One of the fun & exciting things coming up is a Caribbean Cruise being hosted by our goog friend, Shari Fitzpatrick.  She, along with MV (Miller Vineyards) and Nello Olivo are putting together a Wine & Chocolate Cruise!  This cruise will leave Miami for a 7-Day Cruise on March 18th 2017.  We are trying to get in on the fun, and book some cabins with Gold Vine Grill.  I’ll attach the brochure when I attach this blog so that you can get more info.  There are also more details on our “Events” Link.

We are still in the planning stages for our  August “12 @ 6” Wine Maker Dinner guest of honor, but I should have that information in the next day or two, and I’ll post it on the blog and on the “Events” link as soon as it is finalized.

Be sure to come by & try some of the new items on the menu!  People are loving the Prime Cut New York Steak w/ Gorgonzola Butter, and also the Macademia Nut Crusted Mahi Mahi.  We’d love to see you soon!


Wednesday Nights:  Burger Night

Thursday Nights:  Fish & Chips (except this Thursday, when we’ll have Fish Tacos!)

Friday & Saturday Nights:  Steak & Lobster

Sundays all Day & Night:  Corkage Free!

Call us for take out food day or night.

Contact us regarding your catering needs for your special events!