Well, is it hot enough for you all yet!  Boy, when I said it looked like a sizzlin’ summer, I was apparently not joking!  This has been one HOT week.  Well, we have a solution for you….when you get home from work, hot & tired and the idea of even looking at the stove, oven or BBQ sends hot shivers up your spine, just come on in to Gold Vine Grill.  We keep the restaurant at a very comfortably cool temperature, and will be more than happy to cook for you AND clean up too!

This is a great time to come in, as we’ve made some great changes to our menu.  All of our entrees except 3 can now be prepared “gluten free”.  A lot of people have sensitivities or outright allergies to gluten, so Chef Greg has embraced the challenge, and is now making some gluten free roux (roux is a flour/butter mixture that many Chefs use to make & thicken sauces.)  So, for all of you gluten sensitive folks, come in and talk to us and we’ll let you know what we can do for you.

We have several new menu items for you to check out as well, or just come in for your old favorites.  Don’t worry, we’ll never take the calamari off the menu!

July 20th, we are very excited to be hosting our “12 @ 6” Wine Paired Dinner with Carrie from Holly’s Hill Vineyard.  The “12 @ 6” Dinner is a four course wine paired meal that begins at 6 PM.  The cost of the meal is just $50.00 per person, which includes all food, wine, tax & gratuity.  Advance reservations are required, so call soon, as this dinner is sure to sell out!

Please remember to review us here, on our facebook page and on “Yelp” and share your good times with others.  We also welcome your ideas and suggestions.


Wednesday Nights:  Burger Night

Thursday Nights:  Fish & Chips (except this Thursday, when we’ll have Fish Tacos!)

Friday & Saturday Nights:  Steak & Lobster

Sundays all Day & Night:  Corkage Free!

Call us for take out food day or night.

Contact us regarding your catering needs for your special events!


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