OK then….Are we all ready for some warmth & sunshine!  We have lived here since 1999, and I honestly do not believe that we have seen such a wet & cold winter as we have had this year!  We typically are blessed with a “false Spring” in February, and boy, I am really looking forward to some of that!

Now of course, we can’t think of February without the thought of Valentine’s Day.  According to my research authority (Google),  “The holiday’s roots are in the ancient Roman Festival of Lupercalia, a fertility celebration commemorated annually on Feb. 15th.  Pope Gelasius I recast this pagan festival as a Christian feast day circa 496, declaring February 14 to be “St. Valentine’s Day”.

Well, here at the Gold Vine Grill, we have a tradition too!  Every year on Valentine’s Day, we get together with Busby Cellars to have a Winemaker Dinner.  This is a 4-Course Wine Paired Meal. It is the only menu we have that evening…and yes, even though February 14th falls on a Tuesday this year…we will be opening our doors for our traditional Winemaker Dinner.  Now this dinner is nearly sold out, so if you can’t quite get into that dinner, you have the whole weekend prior to enjoy a lovely dinner at the Gold Vine Grill with your Special Someone!  Please call soon for reservations.  Whatever you decide to do, take a little bit of time to share with your partner and celebrate the joy of love!

Monday, February 20th, will be the commemoration of President’s Day.   That makes a 3-day weekend for a whole lot of people.  I have a great idea!  Get out of the house for a few hours, go for a drive and enjoy the scenery, get a little wine tasting in at one of our fine wineries, and come on out to Gold Vine Grill for a Great Meal!

Due to the Valentine’s Day Winemaker Dinner, we will not be having a “12 @ 6” Dinner in February.  We will resume these popular feasts again in March.


Wednesday Nights:  Burger Night

Thursday Nights:  Fish & Chips (except this Thursday, when we’ll have Fish Tacos!)

Friday & Saturday Nights:  Steak & Lobster

Sundays all Day & Night:  Corkage Free!

Call us for take out food day or night.

Check out our Facebook Page for the Cheesecake flavor of the week!

Contact us regarding your catering needs for your special event


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