Hope you are all doing just great during this absolutely beautiful Spring Season!  It’s so awesome to see water rushing through the rivers, flowers and blossoms appearing everywhere, and to have this fabulous weather!  I love Spring!

Every Spring, El Dorado Winery Association puts on 2 consecutive “Passport Weekends”.  Participants arrive at a designated winery to collect their Passports and commemorative tasting glasses, and spend the weekend visiting various wineries and vineyards throughout the county.  Most of the participating wineries will have music and food to add  to the festive mood.  A lot of other wineries, who may not be “Passport” participants will be having their own Spring Celebrations to get in on the general spirit of the hoopla here in the foothills.  If you are participating in the celebrations this weekend, bring your passport into the Grill, and receive a 15% discount on your entree.  Please be responsible and consider a designated driver for these events.

Our first “12 @ 6” mini Winemaker Dinner was a great success with Randy & Tina from Saluti Cellars brining in 4 of their great wines to pair with a special menu prepared by Chef Greg.  At these dinners, the winemaker is seated with 12 guests at their own table, and enjoy their own special menu for the evening.  It is a great way to get to know the winemaker and their wines a lot better in a little more intimate setting than a huge dinner.  The cost of the dinner is $50.00 per person, which includes all food, wine, tax & gratuity.

Hey, do you all have favorite menu items that have been taken off the menu, but you’d like to see them come back?  Either respond on this blog, or email us at  Put “menu items” in the subject line.  Also, if you have some favorite food that has never been on our menu, let us know, and we’ll see what we can do!  We welcome your comments and suggestions.

I know Mother’s Day is in May, but we just want to remind you that we will be having our Brunch menu added to our regular lunch menu for Mother’s Day.  This menu includes such items as Eggs Benedict, Chicken & Mushroom Crepes, Grilled Salmon w/ Mango Chutney, Seafood Vol au Vent, etc.  All dishes come with fresh fruit and breakfast potatoes.  We will also have Mimosas!   We will also be serving dinner Make your special mom feel really special by treating her to a meal at the Gold Vine Grill!


Wednesday Nights:  Burger Night

Thursday Nights:  Fish & Chips

Friday & Saturday Nights:  Steak & Lobster

Sundays all Day & Night:  Corkage Free!

Call us for take out food day or night.

Contact us regarding your catering needs for your special events!

As March roars in with our beautiful weather being followed by a much welcome storm, things are humming right along at the Gold Vine Grill.

As promised, the “12 @ 6” Wine Dinners will be starting this month.  These once per month dinners seat 12 people at a table with a local winemaker, and we offer a pre-set 3-course wine paired meal.  The cost of the meal is $50.00 per person, which includes all food, wine, tax and gratuity.  It’s a great opportunity for folks to have a  bit of a more intimate setting in which to chat with the winemaker and experience the fun and adventure of pairing wine with food.  This was a very popular dinner series in the past, so be sure to reserve your seats very soon.  When it’s full–it’s full!  The dinners will be on one Thursday of each month.  This month, the “12 @ 6” dinner features Randy and Tina Rossi from Saluti Cellars, and will be held on Thursday, March 24th at (you guessed it!) 6 PM.  In April, we will be teaming up with Wilderotter Vineyards from Amador County.  Call for the Saluti reservations now!

Easter Sunday will be on March 27th this year.  As usual, we will be offering our normal lunch menu, with an additional Brunch menu for those who prefer something a little more formal.  So whatever your plans for the day, stop in and see us at Gold Vine Grill for a great meal!  We will be closed for dinner on that day.

February brought a few changes to the Grill.  We have added a new server, Kathryn, who is the Tasting Room Manager at Narrow Gate Vineyards.  She is working with us on the weekends, and has been an instant great fit on our team.  Renee, who has worked with us for over 3 years, has returned!  We welcome her back with lots of enthusiasm!  She is a favorite of lots of our customers, so come by and let her know that you too are happy that she is back.   After 5 years of working with us here at the Gold Vine, Karen has decided to move on, and has left her job here.  We will miss her dearly.  She really took the reins when I was in the hospital a couple of years ago, and our gratitude and friendship toward her will stay  with us always.

Please take the time to come and see us soon!


Wednesday Nights:  Burger Night

Thursday Nights:  Fish & Chips

Friday & Saturday Nights:  Steak & Lobster

Sundays all Day & Night:  Corkage Free!

Call us for take out food day or night.

Contact us regarding your catering needs for your special events!

Check out the fun we had at our 14th Annual Valentine’s Day Winemaker Dinner w/ Busby Cellars.  The food was awesome…the wine was paired beautifully….and a great time was had by all!  Remember, we are bringing back the “12@6” dinners in March.  I will post the featured wine maker soon!


What a great month January was for rain, rain and more rain!  It is such a joyous relief to see water flowing in the streams and rivers again!  Of course, all of that inclement weather was not great for business, so please take advantage of our Spring-like break and come to see us soon at the Gold Vine Grill.

It’s important also, to remember that conserving water should probably be a lifestyle for us here in California.  Drought is somewhat of a predictable constant for us, so just because we got a little water, let’s don’t waste it!  And please don’t be offended if we do not endlessly refill your waters at the restaurant.  We are happy to offer water by request.

Well, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, sharing the weekend w/ President’s Day, so a lot of you will have a nice long romantic weekend!  How delightful!  Our annual Valentine’s Day Winemaker Dinner w/ Busby Cellars sold out early this year.  We are currently taking names on a waiting list.  I also recommend coming to lunch or dinner over the long weekend as an alternative celebration.  Please make reservations, though, especially for dinner.

We are experiencing some staff changes right now.  We wish a fond farewell to both Christina and Karen.  Best of luck to you both.  We are welcoming two new additions to our staff.  Elijah will be our new dishwasher, and Kathryn will be taking Karen’s place in the Dining Room.  You may already know Kathryn from Narrow Gate Vineyards.  We welcome her, and can’t wait for you to get to know her too!

I am getting organized to start our “12 @ 6” mini Winemaker Dinners starting in March.  I will keep you posted on who will be our first winemaker.  These dinners are held once a month, with 12 guests and the winemaker.  We serve a 3 course meal paired with wines for just $50.00 per person, which includes all food, wine, tax and gratuity.  It is a really good time!

We are on a mission to get a presence on “Yelp”.  On your visits to  the Grill, please yelp a review for us, and help us get what is called “relevancy” on their site. That way,  when people visit the area, and Yelp “What are the top restaurants in the Fair Play/Somerset area?”, the Gold Vine Grill will pop up.  Right now we do not appear at all…..and that’s just not right!  So, we need your assistance, please.

Please feel free to respond to or add your thoughts to our blog.  I cut & paste the newsletter to a word document to send it to you, so you have to go to the website to interact.

Welcome 2016!!
As anticipated, the recently passed Holiday Season sipped by at a speed which really seemed like the blink of an eye! So much goes on during the month of December, that time really does seem to fly.
To all of you who helped to make our Holiday Open House a really special event, thank you for coming by to enjoy complimentary food, wine & music, and to sing a few songs with us to kick off our holiday season. Greg & I decided to take a few days off right before Christmas, and enjoyed a nice visit to the Russian River area, where we took in some of the local cuisine at “Boon”, had a great lunch with friends in Healdsburg at “Willy’s”, and took a nice drive to Occidental and on to Bodega Bay, where we enjoyed a beautiful day, in spite of the forecast of rain. We arrived home late in the day on Christmas Eve to rain, hail, thunder, lightning, snow and a tornado warning!! Kind of blew out our plans of attending a party up on Grizzly Flat Road, but we did our best to have fun at home with my sister Denise, who visited from Paso Robles.
Our New Year’s Eve Gala Wine Paired Dinner was a huge success, and all seemed to have a wonderful time. Greg’s food was better than ever, and the wines paired very well with each course.
So for the New Year, we would like to bring back the once popular “12 @ 6” dinners. This will not start until March, but at that time, on one Wednesday each month, we will feature a local winemaker at a table with 12 guests. We will offer a 3 course meal, with each course paired with one of their wines, and the cost will be just $50.00 per person, which will include all food, wine, tax and gratuity.
Also, we already have reservations for our Valentine’s Day Winemaker Dinner. I’ll post more details about that dinner as we go, but it is always a great time! That dinner is a 4-course dinner paired with the winemakers selections for $70.00 per person, which is inclusive of food, wine, tax & gratuity.
In the New Year, we stand by our commitment to quality food and service, here @ Gold Vine Grill. Greg & I are very grateful to look forward to the coming year with a lot of hope and enthusiasm. We are both back on our feet and thriving, so life is looking really great! We can’t wait to get some new ideas to make the Gold Vine Grill a “better than ever” place to come for a great meal and a good time.
Please feel free to comment on this blog, or to leave a review of a meal.
We wish you all the very best in 2016, and hope to see you
very soon.
Remember, we are open for lunch on Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 11 AM- 3 PM. Stop by to have a delicious lunch with us, or order a picnic lunch to take out on your wine tasting adventure.

Well, Good-bye to February, with an overall great month of business, meeting new residents, and enjoying our local favorite customers as well.
Thanks to all who participated in our Valentine’s Winemaker Dinner w/ Busby Cellars. This is an annual event, and this year’s dinner was absolutely fabulous! We were sold out by mid-January, so next year, be sure to book early!
The food and the wine were paired beautifully, and a very good time was had by all.
This March, one of my goals is to revitalize our lunch business. During my absence in late 2013 and early 2014, we closed for lunches, and re-opened last February. It’s been a bit of an uphill struggle, so we reach out to all of you to make a plan to visit us for lunch this month…tell a friend about us, or come with friends for a delicious lunch meal. We serve lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 AM until 3 PM. Thanks!
For you basketball fans, March Madness College play-off games will be shown at the Grill, and we’ll get Chef Greg to prepare some delightful specials for you to enjoy while cheering for your favorite team.
This coming weekend will be the “Behind the Cellar Door” event in Amador County. We will be supplying the food for the event at c.g. di Arie tasting room on Saturday & Sunday.
Oakstone Winery will be celebrating their 18th Anniversary on March 14th & 15th. Come to the Grill and have a great LUNCH, then head out to see Steve & Liz for their anniversary celebration. Gwinllan Estates, located next to Shadow Ranch on Fair Play Rd, will be hosting a “Be a Winemaker for a Day” event featuring Bordeaux varietals on March 7th & 14th, and Rhone varietals on March 21st & 28th.
Remember that you can always get a lunch to go for your group when you plan on spending a day at the wineries. Just call ahead, and you can pick up your meals on your way!
Our great dinner server, Renee will be returning to work next week with a brand new hip! Be sure to come in and help welcome her back!
Passport weekends are coming up in April, on the weekends of the 11th & 12th, then again on the 18th & 19th. Please remember that it’s always a good idea to have a designated driver for these weekends. Also, we have more places to stay in the Fair Play area than we’ve had in a number of years! Weather it’s a stay at one of our several lovely B & B’s, or a vacation rental from VRBO, you will enjoy a stay in these beautiful foothills, surrounded by the rolling hills and vineyards of the area. Make your reservations for a meal at the Grill while you are here!
I’m still formulating plans for our guest wine bartender this month. I’ll be sure to let you know when that gets solidified.
Please remember that you can contribute your comments about your winery trips, or any visits to the area right here on our blog.

Wow!  January is gone…Superbowl has been won and lost, and Valentine’s Day will be upon us before we know it!

As far as football goes, I’m not a die-hard fan, but always enjoy playoff season.  I have to say, watching the playoff game between Green Bay and the Seahawks, I stopped doing my household chores, as I was distracted by the number of penalties that Seattle was getting nailed for.  At one point, I think I gave up housework altogether, thinking “are they just going to incur so many penalties that they give the game away!”  Meanwhile, Green Bay just kept scoring field goals and touchdowns until it appeared to be all but over.  Finally, early in the 4th quarter, I pulled myself away from the TV (by this time, I had moved from home to the Gold Vine), and got finished with my errands.  Well, I guess we all know by now how that ended!  And it seemed almost like a deja vu experience on game day. You have to hand it to the Seahawks.  That must be a bit of why we watch  football…to see amazing plays during the final moments of a game that seems all but over. Call to make your reserations now.

And now we have the Grammys coming up on Feb. 8th. Gold Vine will be showing the Grammy Awards starting w/ the Red Carpet action on Sunday. Come in and watch and join in some fun activities with some great specials on fabulous local wines!

Now to more serious matters.  I was all prepared to write a big promo on Valentine’s Day, and the fact that each year we have a Winemaker Dinner w/ Busby Cellars, featuring the menu and a great mention of how much fun it is each and every year!  Well, lo and behold, we have sold out seating for Valentine’s Day’s Winemaker Dinner.  We have been sold out for almost 3 weeks!  We sold out before we ever even made the menu!  I wish we had a bigger restaurant!  To those of you who have called to make reservations, only to find out that we are full, I am so sorry to turn anyone away.  Please remember that we are open for lunch on the 14th, and also have our lovely regular dinner menu on Friday, the 13th and Sunday the 15th.  So, maybe beat the crowds and celebrate your love on one of those days.  Had I known that this would be such a popular dinner, I would surely have scheduled two seatings.

Our featured wine is Mellowood Syrah.  Mellowood Vineyards is owned by Linda Neal, a very sharp and lovely lady.  Her vineyard and tasting room are located on Omo Ranch Road just past Latcham Vineyards if you are coming from Mount Aukum Road.  She is open Saturday and Sunday for tasting.  I have tasted several of her wines, and enjoyed them all, especially her Syrah (but then I am a Syrah girl).  If you haven’t had a chance to visit her tasting room, it would be a worthwhile stop and/or you can always try her Syrah her at the Grill with one of Chef Greg’s delicious meals.

For all of you who have inquired about our server, Renee, she is in week 4 of her rehabilitation from hip surgery.   She seems to be doing very well, and we hope to see her back here in a few more weeks.  We welcome Nadia back from her move to San Francisco, and always appreciate Karen and Cheryl, our dinner servers, and Matt, out new lunch server.

We hope to see all of you very soon at the Gold Vine Grill.  Remember:  Wednesday nights are burger night at the Grill; Thursdays are Fresh Cod Fish & Chips; Friday and Saturday Night we have Steak & Lobster, and Sunday nights are Corage Free!  See you soon!


Happy New Year from Greg & Mary and the Staff of Gold Vine Grill!   What a wonderful Holiday Season we had this year!  We were pleased to be able to do some catering for the locals, which we have not done for awhile, and were happy to accommodate our clients at their holiday celebrations!

Our 12th Annual Holiday Open House was really lovely.  We enjoyed wines from Cedarville Vineyards, Bechard Winery, Peter’s Gate, and MV, all generously donated each year by the owners for this special occasion.  Greg and his busy elves prepared a wonderful array of appetizers and desserts for all to enjoy…Santa was here with a HO HO HO, and we had lovely acoustic guitar by Mark Hanson.  We ate, drank, sang and enjoyed the fellowship of our friends and neighbors throughout the afternoon.

New Year’s Eve, Greg and his crew outdid themselves with a fabulous 5-course wine paired meal for two different seatings.  We had a full house for both, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Now comes the relative calm of the New Year.  It looks like we will be having a rather mild January weather-wise, so please take the opportunity to come over to Gold Vine Grill soon!

I know a whole lot of you are crazy about football during this play-off season.  Just remember that we have a large screen TV at  the wine bar, and we will be watching the play-off games, hopefully with some of you.  We will be closed on Super Bowl Sunday, though, just so you know.

We would love to give a shout out to our kitchen crew who took over for Greg while he was recuperating from hip replacement surgery.  Many thanks to Hunter, Derrick and Christina for holding down the fort, and making us proud!

We would also like to welcome back Nadia to our staff of servers.  Nadia had moved away for a short while, but I guess she couldn’t find better people or food, so she has returned, and we are happy to have her.  Also, many good thoughts and wishes for Renee as she goes out for hip replacement surgery this month.  Gee, we have a lot of bad hips around here!  Anyway, many blessings Renee, and we will see you in about 12 weeks!

I’ll be adding information regarding our guest wine bartender in just a few days, so keep an eye out for that info.

We sure hope we are on your New Year’s resolution list as the place you MUST come to soon!

Happy New Year!

Make your reservations soon for our fabulous wine paired New Year’s Eve Gala dinner!  First seating is at 5 PM and second seating is at 8 PM.  First seating is $75.00 per person, second seating is $85.00  per person and includes a sparkling wine party after dinner.  All costs include food, wine, tax & gratuity.

1st Course:  Crab & Shrimp Crepes w/ a Silky Seafood Veloute

Wine:  Saluti Cellars 2012 Viognier

2nd Course:  Grilled Asian Pear, Arrugula and Pancetta Salad lightly tossed in a champagne vinaigrette

Wine:  2012 Lavender Ridge Grenache Rose

3rd Course: Sweet Potato Gnocci w/ Walnut Pesto

Wine:  c.g. di Arie Primativo

4th Course: Classic Whole Roasted Filet Mignon topped w/ Sauce Bernaise Wine:  Cedarville Cabernet Sauvignon

5th Course:  Chocolate Genache Cake

Wine:  Mellowood Syrah  

Whoa!  It has been a busy end of Summer and entry into the Fall season!  There is a lot of news for this blog, so pour yourself a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine), and please continue reading.

One of our most important announcements is that Chef Greg FINALLY had his hip replacement surgery.  As Andrea Bechard posted in Facebook “Hip Hip Hooray!”  However, more accurately, we should say “Hip Hooray!”, as he still needs to have the other hip replaced.  He is on his feet and practicing walking without a walker.  He is back at work on a limited schedule.  It is great to see him walk without the effort of working through pain, and we are all happy that he was finally able to get this first surgery completed.  His kitchen staff did a fabulous job in his absence, and we thank them very sincerely!  I have been going into high gear taking care of Greg, driving him to his appointments, doing his Costco runs, etc. as  well as my usual duties at the restaurant.  So, our apologies if this blog is a little late, but it’s here today!

This week was the one year anniversary(?) of my very surprising and unwelcome leukemia diagnosis.  But thank God a year has past, and I am on the road to recovery.  I’m looking forward to one year of remission coming up very soon!  Thank all of you for all of your love and support this year.  It has been a doozie!

Starting this Sunday, we invite you to join us for “Touchdown at the Grill”.  During the football season, we will be showing the NFL football game on our big screen from 11 AM – 3 PM on Sundays.  We will feature $2.00 selected beers and Chef Greg will have an “Off the Grid” special each week.  This is in the wine bar area only.

This month we are very happy to have  Tami from Madrona Vineyards for our guest wine bartender.  She will be featuring 4 wines from their wonderful vines for you to purchase by the flight, by the glass or by the bottle.  These nights are always special fun, so be sure to make your reservations for Saturday, November 22nd between 5:00 and 8:30 PM.

As we head into the Holiday Season, we are planning our 13th Annual Holdiay Open House.  On Sunday, Dec. 7th, from 2-4:30 we will be offering complimentary hors d ‘oeuvres and lovely local wines, with music, singing and  a good holiday celebration.  Please drop by on your busy way to or from your holiday chores.

We are once again planning our New Year’s Eve Gala Wine Dinner on December 31st.  We will hold 2 dinner seatings, one at 5 PM and the second at 8:30 PM.  This dinner will be a 4-Course wine dinner.  First seating is $75.00 per person which includes all food, wine, tax and gratuity.  The second seating is $85.00 per person which includes all food, wine, tax, gratuity and a sparkling wine party afterward.  Reservations are required for this dinner and are coming in, so call soon for yours.  This is ALWAYS a wonderful evening.

Remember Wednesday nights are Burger Nights at the Gold Vine.  Thursdays we feature Fresh Cod Fish & Chips.  Friday and Saturday nights we offer Steak & Lobster, and Sunday nights are Corkage FREE!

Gold Vine Grill will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas  Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.  Enjoy this joyful season with your loved ones, and come to see us when you can!